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The absolute darling, the boy all the local girls (and mothers alike) just cannot resist. Trip Fontaine however, does not care about 'these' girls. He really loves 'the' girl, Lux.

Weed smoking, uber cool guy, Trip tries in every which way to make Lux notice his advances. Even taking tips from his dad whom is fairly clueless. When the prom takes place, she finally does, but by this time Fontaine becomes scared, cold and distant. Lux never sees him again after that night. It is only years later when Trip is a grown man that he admits that from then on, she was the only lady he ever loved.

Trip is a sensitive soul under all the fake coolness he puts on most of the time. He is a bit of a user, he later makes some guys from school do favours for him just so he can take out the object of his affection. Lux.

In his later life he battles with own addictions in rehab. He, like the girls were, is forever alone. Thinking about what could have happened.


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