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Lux Lisbon, aged 15 at the start of the movie, is by far the most provocative of all the characters. Her flouting body coupled with an angelic face cause for her to be the ultimate desire of the neighborhood boy’s affection.

Trip: She was the still point of the turning world, man”,

The most significant point of Lux’s short life is her encounters with Trip, the local stud that all the girls loved and worshipped, all of those except Lux. Its was Trip, the boy who could have any girl he wanted, that came onto Lux, ‘the stone fox’.

A Rock fan, listening to such bands as Guns & Roses and Kiss (diversifying from her sisters who each held a taste in the country music genre), Lux is the most rebellious and out going of the five sisters, managing to resist her mother’s safety net and keep hold of a relatively normal life, for as long as she could. As Mrs Lisbon's clench around the girls tightened following the 'Trip incident', Lux’s distress and frustration becomes much more apparent, particularly through the love-making with random boys on the family roof.

The girls at this point had been taken out of school, and the house had become evermore removed from the street, window shades staying shut and no one entering or leaving the house. Lux had also been forced to destroy her rock records after her mother came home charged up from a Sunday sermon. Lux had began losing weight. This is when the roof top antics began, which the book, as in most parts of the story, goes into in much more detail;

“Put it in, just for a minute, it will make us feel close"

Lux is the pivotal role, as she is the only girl which the boys obtain sufficient information about, her emotions and overall feelings can be layed onto the remaining sisters, each; although seemingly toned down, would have much similar frustrations. She keeps the boys in touch with the group of girls, as much as possible without physical interaction. She is both the subject and contractor of the main events within the story.

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Lux is played by Actress Kirsten Dunst:
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