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Cecilia Lisbon is the youngest of the Lisbon girls, and although she dies in the first half of the book and movie, she haunts the story. The introduction of suicide to the small suburban neighborhood in which the Lisbons lived was thanks to Cecilia. At only thirteen, in attempt to end herlife she slits her wrists, and much to her dismay, survives. Convinced by the therapist, her parents throw her and her sisters the only party they ever had, during which Ceilia asks to be excused. Little did they know, she was planning to kill herself by jumping on to the steel spiked fence in the front yard, and this time, would succeed. "We didn't understand why Cecilia had killed herself the first time, and understood it even less when she did it twice." Her death was not run in the local newspapers. Suicides alone were not common, and only the occasional murder/suicides were ran. Though she was rumored by the neighbor ladies as being a "kook" and the "weird sister," she was in all honesty just a mysterious little girl. Sh enjoyed painting and writing in her journal, listened to Celtic records [which were considered morbid compared to Mr. Lisbon's giddy tunes of his youth], and was interested in horoscopes, tarot cards, and ouija boards. The theory of her death which was most prominent was that Dominic Pallazolla was to blame. He had moved in with some relatives and had fallen in love within the first few days of his arrival, but not with Cecilia, with Diana Porter, causing Cecilia to feel the need to thrust herself out of the world. Cecilia sparked the interest in the girls, and the boys collection of Lisbon Daughter Memorabilia was started with Cecilia's journal. Hallucinations throughout the movie often contain Cecilia, because she was the initiater of the Summer Of The Suicides. "'Obviously doctor,' she said, 'You've never been a thirteen year old girl'"
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